USI Evoke Elevator

With up to 60 selections (standard configuration is up to 50 selections with five trays of ten selections per tray), along with a soft elevator delivery, the Evoke Elevator offers maximum product versatility. The soft elevator delivery allows you to vend fragile items such as sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, cups, and carbonated beverages from all trays and ensures optimal product rotation through First-In First-Out (FIFO) loading.

The Evoke Combo 5 Elevator features a large merchandising window and enhanced LED lighting to display products. In fact, the lumen output of the Evoke Combo models is twice the output of its predecessor and more than competitor models. With its soft elevator delivery and large delivery bin, it is capable of vending refrigerated food, snacks, and cold beverages with a variety package sizes and form factors such as boxes, cans and bottles.


  • Soft Elevator Delivery

  • Versatile Steel Beverage Tray

  • Flex Shelf Technology

  • LED Showcase Lighting

  • True Inventory Control

  • Health Safety

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 41″
Height 72″
Depth 38″
Shipping Weight 831 lbs

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