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Azkoyen Vitro S5

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Azkoyen Vitro S5


The pleasure of drinking a coffee should start from the beginning. The Vitro S5 attracts consumer attention and guides it through a pleasant selection journey a the touch selection menu is built in a smoked glass door with realistic and intuitive design. This, together with the intelligent display and lighting system, assures the user enjoys the ultimate experience when ordering a hot drink.


The Vitro high pressure brewing system and twin coffee pouring spout ensures that the highest standards of coffee are reached. This, combined with the milk soluble technology, provides a complete menu of high quality beverages.

The Vitro range of professional hot beverage machines are designed with attention to detail. Every aspect enhances the user experience, the culmination of which sets the Vitro apart from other beverage systems.

Specifications Dimensions
Width 18.9″
Height 30.5″
Length 23.3″
Weight 115 lbs
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