Grindmaster Precision Brew™ B-3WL

Models B-3WL (pictured) and B-3WR (not shown) are each single, digitally controlled brewers that brew into 1.9 liter glass carafes. Each has a carafe heater under the brew basket. The B-3WL has two additional carafe heaters to the left of the unit, and the B-3WR has two additional carafe heaters to the right of the unit. These brewers can maintain precise (+/- 1 degree) brewing temperature during the brew cycle. Both the brewing temperature and the volume are programmable in these units. In addition to being plumbed, these units can operate as a pour overs. Note that the glass carafes are NOT included. Units come with stainless steel filter baskets. There is a hot water spigot on the front of each unit.

Specifications Dimensions
Height 17.75″
Width 16.25″
Depth 17.17″
Weight 40 lbs

Electrical: 120 Volts / 1800 Watts / 15 Amperes
Brew Capacity: Programmable
Warmers: 3
Certifications: UL, CUL, NSF
Glass carafes sold separately

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