Crystal Mountain Ice & Water Cooler

Enjoy Pure Ice & Water that taste great with the Crystal Mountain Ice The Crystal Mountain Ice was designed to be used with Bottled water (5 Gallon) or a Point-of-Use filtration or Reverse Osmosis system. Safe, great tasting and convenient Ice for your business and fellow associates.


  • High quality Ice frozen Solid completely through for better quality beverages

  • Cubed or Crushed Ice

  • Hot, and Ambient Water

  • Controllable hot water temperature

  • Patented design

  • 5kg (11 Ib) of Ice Storage

  • 8.18-9.09kg (18-20 Ib) of Ice Per Day

  • Touch Control Panel

  • NSF Certified RO and Filtration Optional

  • Stainless Steel Hot water reservoir

  • Hot water faucet safety lock

  • Filter compartment – easily removable front access door

  • Auto LED Lighting

  • Illuminated dispense buttons

  • No Drain Needed for Filtration or Bottled

  • 19 Invention Patents

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 18 1/8″
Height 58 5/8″
Length 20 1/8″

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