USI Evoke Snack Machine

The Next Generation of U-Select-It Snack Merchandisers

The future of snack and candy vending machines is here. With its new touchscreen interface, the USI Evoke vending machine makes the customer experience better than ever. The USI Evoke snack and candy vending machine features bright, LED lights that enhance the display of snacking options and attract more customers. This vending machine dispenser allows users to select multiple snacks or candy within one transaction.

The USI Evoke vending machine is able to display nutrition facts and has built-in functionality for showing digital ads while customers are shopping for snacks or candy. This innovative vending machine is fully ADA compliant. The USI Evoke vending machine features an engaging 10” touch screen and flexibility of payment devices. AVS Companies stocks high-quality and durable vending equipment from trusted manufacturers to ensure an optimal shopping experience for your customers. View the product specifications below to learn more about the USI Evoke snack and candy vending machine.


  • Industry Leading Style & Design

  • Maximized Visual Merchandising

  • Best-In-Class Product Lighting

  • Fully ADA Compliant

  • Ergonomic Recessed Customer Interface

  • Engaging 10” Touch Screen Option

  • Shopping Cart Options

  • Expandable Control System

  • Flexibility Of Payment Devices

  • Delivery Bin Accommodates Larger

  • Packages For Multi-Product Shopping

  • Custom Branding

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