USI Geneva Coffee

Great taste for today’s coffee lovers. Geneva has two distinct style machines allowing you to personalize you vending choice. Available in either instant or fresh brew configurations, coffee vending options include regular, decaf., espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe mocha, hot chocolate, or tea. With state-of-the-art brewing system, and precise ingredient controls, and up to 36 different combinations, coffee vending has never been so easy. Hot beverages can be available any time of day making customers come back more frequently. Get satisfaction in every cup.


  • European-designed, state-of-the art brewing and filter system

  • Roast ground, freeze dried & Bean-to-Cup models

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant

  • LED lighting

  • Energy saving advanced power management system

  • Comprehensive drink range

  • Automatic opening delivery door and illuminated vend area

  • Small footprint


  • Advanced Power

  • Management System

  • Geneva saves energy by powering down during low use periods.

  • iVend Guaranteed

  • Delivery System

  • Infrared sensor system ensures your customer receives their cup or their money back

  • One Touch Servicing

  • Servicing is straight forward and clean-up is simple

  • Flush bowls & brewer with just one push of a button

  • Own Cup Feature – Use your own cup

  • Geneva automatically senses when you placed your cup in a the vend area

  • Optional Smart Card

  • Programming

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