Frameworks Displays Frame Worker


  • The FrameWorker™ is Made in the USA.

  • Each model is constructed using carbon steel.

  • Each model is free standing.

  • FrameWorker™ standard color is Camaro Silver.

  • Units can be painted to specification.

  • Each model can be used and assembled without the header.

  • Use without the header provides an overall height of 78”.

  • All models of the FrameWorker™ have a depth of 22”, from back to front of unit.

  • The baskets, hooks, shelves and peg hooks all come with 12” depth.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Frameworker Senior Mini
Width 48″ 96″ 24″
Height 87″ 87″ 87″
Depth 22″ 22″ 22″
Weight 250 lbs 350 lbs 250 lbs

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