CPI NBM-3000 Series Bill Validator


  • Designed to simplify your business through reliable, field-proven performance

  • NBM-3000 Series Bill Validator Field Tested, Field Proven

  • Vertical Sensing

  • Magnetic head and optical sensors are positioned away from dirt and protected from salting, resulting in longer life and fewer service calls. Vertical configuration enables easy cleaning, if required

  • Anti-Salting System

  • Built-in protection includes water drain and no electronics in lower chute; saltwater never reaches bill path or electronics

  • Pullback, “Yank Cheat”, ProtectionMotor-driven shutter remains closed when in standby mode, protecting validator from salting, vandalism and cheating

  • Unique Bill Stacking Methon

  • Two cam design stacks more bills in less space than conventional validators

  • Pullback Prevention

  • Shutter System

  • Escrow Function Available

  • Front Mask

  • Bottler Mask & Full-line Mask Available

  • Front Mask Lamp

  • Available for Bottler Mask and Metal Mask


  • $1, $5 Bills and Coupons

  • Optional Security Bezel

  • Metal bezel protects validator from vandalism. Available factory-installed or as a retrofit kit

  • All-Plastic Construction

  • Lightweight, easy to clean and service

  • Swing-Open Stacker

  • One latch opens bill stacker, making it easy to collect bills

  • LED Diagnostics

  • Indicates status of validator, making field service easier

  • Two-Belt Bill Transport

  • Contributes to longer belt life and easier servicing —system rated at over 200,000 operations


  • Limited 2 year warranty

  • NBM-3000 Specifications

  • Interface: Multi-Drop-Bus (M.D.B.)

  • Operating Voltage: +34VDC

  • Power Consumption: Standby 0.30A or less

  • Operating State: Motor Operation 0.60A or less / Peak Max. 4 sec 1.20A or less

  • Operating Temperature Range: 5°F (-15°C) to 140°F (+60°C)

  • Insulation Resistance: 20M Ohm or more


  • 400 Stacker: 2.24 Lbs. (1.02 Kg.)

  • 700 Stacker: 2.48 Lbs. (1.12 Kg.)


  • 400 Stacker: HxWxD: 10.92″ x 3.62″ x 5.59″ / (277.3mm x 92.0mm x 141.0mm)

  • 700 Stacker: HxWxD: 10.92″H x 3.62″W x 7.16″D / (277.3mm x 92.0mm x 181.9mm)


  • 2-Way Face-up

  • $1, $5 and Coupon

  • Switch Selectable for $5 and Coupon

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