Azkoyen Zintro

Zintro prepares a variety of speciality espresso and instant coffees with excellent body, aroma and creamines, as well as infusions and other hot drinks to delight your customers. Thanks to the Button Barista application, available from App store and Google play, consumers are able to customise their drinks via their smartphone.


The automatic, compact and productive barista

Designed to increase your profit
Zintro is a compact machine, incredibly productive for the operator and attractive to consumers.

Earn more with the Customixer function

Thanks to the potential of the new VPTT Vending Performance grinder and to the flexibility of the Azk V10 espresso unit, we have developed this exclusive feature that allows users to adjust the amount of coffee, milk and sugar for each serving.

  • It increases the average price with the new “Extra Energy” and “Smooth Coffee” pre-selections.

  • It increases the sales per machine with the Customixer setting that allows consumers to personalise their drink.

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