Bob’s Space Racers Bowler Roller

Bob’s Space Racers has brought back this CLASSIC game, but has put a whole new twist on the game.
The Bowler Roller Attendant-Free Game (AFG) allows guests to play this fun and addicting game without the need for a game operator.
Once the game is started, the game will automatically release a bowling ball and the player must try to roll the ball and get it to stay inside the valley of the brightly lit rails to win.
Programmable game settings and options provide a multitude of game play options and styles.


  • Electronically controlled and flexible game settings and options.

  • Built-in sensors that know when the guest has released a bowling ball and then resets the game for the next player.

  • Distributes a specialty 2″ x 4″ ticket that can be exchanged for a prize or collected to trade for larger prizes!

  • Add game units to fit your building size!

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 26.25″
Depth 115.88″
Height 79.63″
Power Consumption  115V / 60Hz / 3.20A / 368W

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