Bob’s Space Racers Roll Down

Bob’s Space Racers’ provides a fun-for-all-ages game while being ATTENDANT FREE!

The Roll Down Add’em Up Attendant-Free Game (AFG) presents guests with an entertaining experience as they score to earn tickets, all without a game operator.

Once the game has begun, the game will automatically release balls for the guest to roll down the seven-lane playing field, each lane labelled with varying point values, to score a predetermined amount of points in order to earn tickets.


Programmable game settings and options provide a multitude of game play options and styles.


  • Electronically controlled and flexible game settings and options.

  • Distributes a specialty 2″ x 4″ ticket that can be exchanged for a prize or collected to trade for larger prizes!

  • Add game units to fit your building size!

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 29.50″
Height 61.63″
Power Consumption 115V / 60Hz / 3.20A / 184W

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