Bob’s Space Racers Pixel Play

Water Gun Fun!

Water is what we do best! Bob’s Space Racers presents a great, brightly lit water game with multiple targets and unique water guns! Pixel Play (2 Player Arcade Version) is for sure a popularity winner and revenue producer for any operation.

Two guests can take a seat on the bench and get ready to compete. Take aim and shoot water at the lit target! As the targets are hit, the LED channel above the target fills up. When the LED channel fills up, the water automatically stops, and the game notifies the players of the winner. The game then automatically dispenses a ticket(s) to the winner, and the ticket(s) can be redeemed for prizes.


  • Includes BSR’s dependable and easily serviced electronics

  • Self-contained and easy to maintain water system

  • New custom theming game features

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 35.5″ 87″
Depth 101″ 39″
Height 107.5″ 88″
Weight 972 lbs
Power Consumption 110V ±10V / 1.6 A

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