Valley-Dynamo Dynamo Cosmic Thunder

Get Thunderstruck with the Cosmic Thunders Multi-Color LED light display as well as Interactive sound during attract and play mode. The Polycarbonate Playfield has a smooth, fast playing surface with a built-in scoring system. The rails, corner downs, legs, and playfield are all backlit to attract guests. The shield guards offer protection against flying pucks, all the while, emphasize the Dynamo Air Hockey brand. This 7ft Air Hockey table is great for FEC’s or any location wanting to earn serious revenue.


  • Multi Color LEDS

  • Built-In Scoring System

  • Roll-Down Coin Mechanism

  • Factory Ready for Card Reader, DBA & Ticket Dispenser

  • LED Legs Change Colors During the Game

 Specifications Location Dimensions  Shipping Dimensions
Width 46″ 30″
Height 32″ 68″
Length 86″ 90″
Weight 340 lbs 390 lbs

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