Valley-Dynamo Valley Panther ZD11-Highland Maple

Time-tested durability can still look attractive. Our new Highland Maple laminate, black top rails, high visibility white sights, smoothly-integrated corner castings, flush-mount pocket liners and hidden-screw rail trim for a timeless yet updated look. The 5-bolt dual density cushions, ¾ Seven-ply solid core cabinet with Valley Ultra cloth as well as using perfectly-balanced Saluc balls are all designed to improve playability and profitability.  The Valley ZD-11 Highland Maple billiard tables come in 6.5ft, 7ft, and 8ft lengths and has a built in Push Chute that takes most currencies.


  • Solid one-piece imported slate

  • Flush mount corner casting and countersunk pockets for easier play and a smooth appearance

  • Standard Valley Teflon Ultra tournament green cloth (ask your dealer about additional colors)

  • Five bolt cushion rail system with dual density rubber for consistent play

Specifications Location Dimensions  Shipping Dimensions
Width 53″ 30″
Height 32″ 68″
Length 93″ 96″
Weight 710 lbs 760 lbs

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