Valley-Dynamo Valley Top Cat

With a striking new silhouette reminiscent of days past and the unique upscale appearance of our mahogany finish with satin black corners and metal trim, Top Cat is a whole new breed from Valley. We combine the proven Panther ZD-X electronics package, looks unlike any other Valley table, but has the ease of serviceability and maintenance exactly like other Valley tables. Premium Duramith Balls from Aramith and Championship Worsted Ultra cloth with Teflon enhance the player experience. Top Cat will look great both in your home or in any of your top locations. The Top Cat is available in both 7ft and 8ft lengths.


  • Mahogany stain and laminate finish with carved wooden rope trim

  • Quality imported 3/4 slate, internally supported

  • Valley oversized pockets for faster, more exciting game play.

  • Satin black accented flush-mount corners and metal trim give an elegant appearance

Specifications Location Dimensions  Shipping Dimensions
Width 53″ 30″
Height 32″ 68″
Length 93″ 96″
Weight 710 lbs 760 lbs

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