UNIS Sailor’s Quest VR

Sail The High Seas On An Immersive Pirate VR Adventure! 

Sailor’s Quest VR is a virtual reality arcade game that transports players to a pirate adventure on the high seas. The game features a fully immersive VR experience, allowing players to experience a world filled with daring exploits, swashbuckling pirates, mysterious islands, and mythical creatures. Using the mounted laser-cannons, players must defeat enemies and navigate through multiple stages to fight end level bosses from the depths of the ocean!


  • 1-2 player interactive VR game

  • Action-packed gameplay

  • Destroy enemies and find treasures

  • 3 display screens, surround sound

  • 4k VR headset

  • 5D motion platform, vibration speakers, wind effects

  • Include safety features

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Monitor Cabinet) Shipping Dimensions (Seat)
Width 63.4″ 61″ 66″
Depth 110″ 59″ 31″
Height 101″ 87″ 81″
Weight 1610 lbs 750 lbs 108 lbs

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