UNIS Star Crusaders II

Embark on a Pirate-Themed Adventure!

Star Crusader is the ultimate arcade water-shooting game. Up to four players control mounted water cannons, battling virtual sea creatures and real mechanical targets.  Prepare to face off against a variety of futuristic sea creatures, with each round culminating in a thrilling end-of-level boss battle.


  • 1-4 player interactive video game

  • Destroy enemies and collect points

  • 5 exciting stages plus 9 sublevels

  • Defeat the BOSS in each level to advance

  • Infrared guns with force feedback

  • Stools with base vibration

  • 65” monitor

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Monitor Cabinet) Shipping Dimensions (Seat Cabinet)
Width 67.2″ 70″ 70″
Depth 88.8″ 45.5″ 30″
Height 108.6″ 83″ 50″
Weight 1077 lbs 838 lbs 552 lbs

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