UNIS Bigfoot Mayhem

Rev Your Engines…It’s Mayhem Time!Buckle up and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride with BIGFOOT Mayhem, the ultimate monster truck racing game that’s set to blow your mind! It’s a wild ride of destruction and performing stunts to dominate the competition. BIGFOOT Mayhem is a full-throttle spectacle on motion platform that pushes the limits of arcade driving. With its stunning 65″ dual monitor setup, this game is a visual powerhouse that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Two Heart-Pounding ModesChoose between 2 play modes: Race Mode and Mayhem Mode.

  • Race Mode: Gear up for a fierce competition, where victory isn’t just about speed, it’s about asserting dominance on the track. Select from three thrilling tracks, engage in three-lap races, and earn a boost by causing mayhem and outsmarting rival trucks.
  • Mayhem Mode: If you crave pure chaos, this is your time to shine. Rack up points like a pro in a thrilling race against time. Three unique stage layouts offer the ultimate challenge, with up to four trucks battling it out in a mere two minutes.Show off your skills with gravity-defying jumps, flips, and unleash your destructive side by obliterating everything in sight. Complete ‘events’ to claim your spot as the undisputed Mayhem champion!

Bonus Mayhem Mode Events

  • King of the Hill: Dominate the hill for a limited time to earn valuable bonus points
  • Capture the Flag: Grab the flag and navigate the chaos without colliding with other players to secure bonus points


  • Connect with up to 4 cabinets for a multiplayer showdown.

  • Motion Platform

  • Precision Steering Wheel

  • Responsive Foot Pedals

  • Dual 65” LCD

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