UNIS Time Out

Easy to learn, hard to master

Simply press the button to kickstart the timer, which starts at 0 seconds. Press the button again to skillfully halt the timer at precisely 10.000 seconds, and the grand prize is yours. (We are serious when we say every millisecond counts!) Games that challenge a player’s reflexes and dedication to improvement tend to have significant replay value because it encourages them to come back for another try. What if I missed by just a little? 

Don’t worry if you miss the mark – smaller prizes are up for grabs too! Operators can set the winning threshold for a unique experience every time. (Each cube slot can fit prizes up to 15″ in size.)

A Dazzling Experience

Timed Out isn’t just about the adrenaline-pumping gameplay – it’s a visual spectacle too! With its stunning cabinet design and dazzling LED lights, this game creates an atmosphere that’s as electrifying as the gameplay itself. The stunning display-style cabinet will sure to add a touch of elegance to your arcade.


  • Press the button to start the timer and test your timing skills

  • Stop the timer at exactly 10.000 seconds to win the grand prize

  • Smaller prizes for near misses

  • Adjustable winning prize threshold

  • Digital LED screen back panel

  • Dazzling display-style cabinet with LED lights

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 61.5″ 53.5″
Depth 31.5″ 35.5″
Height 98.5″ 83″
Weight 675 lbs 734 lbs

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