Stern Pinball Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Edition

One of Stern’s most popular releases to date, the Jurassic Park Pinball Machine generates heart-pounding excitement as the player progresses through the game encountering the wilds of Isla Nublar. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, the team atSternhas created a software update available for all existing versions of the game. The update offers new ways to play; including Co-OpPlay, TeamPlay, and a 30th Anniversary Insider Connected Quest. The update also brings additional polish and refinement throughout the game experience. Co-Op Play gives players the unique ability to collaborate in order to escape Isla Nublar and reach the ultimate wizard mode, “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth!” Team Play allows players to challenge each other in any combination of 1 to 4 players. The new 30th Anniversary Quest will be available to users as part of Stern’s award-winning Insider Connected™ system. The Quest will challenge players to collect Dinosaur DNA strands throughout the game to create amazing dinosaurs and earn badges. Registration for Insider Connected is available for free While chasing and battling dinosaurs, you will want to look the part in an entire new line of Jurassic Park Pinball-themed merchandise including new t-shirts, sweatpants, and hats. Fans can also upgrade their machines with a line of Jurassic ParkPinball accessories (topper, shooter knob, side armor, and inside art blades)available here while supplies last. And for the ultimate Jurassic Park fan, we are pleased to announce a special 30th Anniversary Edition version of Jurassic Park Pinball Machine, featuring a brand-new exterior art package, full-color mirrored backglass, “Illusion Copper” powder-coated pinball armor, a custom designer-autographed bottom arch, inside art blades, upgraded audio system, anti-reflection pinball playfield glass, shaker motor, a sequentially numbered plaque, and a Certificate of Authenticity. This release will be limited to 500 units globally, serving as a special collectors’ item for dedicated fans of the franchise and pinball aficionados alike.


Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 27″ 31″
Depth 55″ 31″
Height 75.5″ 56″
Weight 250 lbs 280 lbs



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