Sega Amusements Transformers: Shadow Rising

The game is presented in a sensational cabinet, based on the truck vehicle mode of the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. With gorgeous chrome exhausts, big grill and lifelike Optimus Prime head this cabinet is designed to stand out in any location. The brand new Hyperenergy Tech lever can unleash a devastating shockwave to destroy multiple enemies, or be used to generate a forcefield defending the player from difficult enemy attacks.


  • Brand new “Hyperenergy Tech” lever controller

  • Optimus Prime themed theater cabinet

  • Easy to join action-packed, paced gameplay

  • 2 player fixed weapon controllers

  • Immersive 55″ Full HD screen

  • 4 exhilarating stages

  • Attractive character billboard & dual sided marquee.

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Monitor) Shipping Dimensions (Seat) Shipping Dimensions (Header)
Width 69″ 30″ 38″ 15″
Depth 83″ 61″ 61″ 50″
Height 115″ 81″ 88″ 19″
Weight 1100 lbs 645 lbs
Power Consumption Volts 220/ Amps 1.5/ Watts 330

Volts 110/ Amps 3/ Watts 330

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