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Sega Amusements Missions: Impossible Arcade

We are very excited to bring the multi-billion-dollar blockbuster film franchise MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE to our market. Presented in a revolutionary new 4 player Super Deluxe Attraction cabinet, that features adrenaline-fueled gameplay, and packed with brand new technology, this game is a big crowd-pleaser. With more MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films planned this franchise is, without doubt, a must-have for operators.

The head-turning cabinet is designed to look like the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) safehouse, the interiors are full of details that convey the feel of the top-secret high-tech hideout. Bright LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior immerse the player in the hi-tech feel of the game. Nine-game stages are brought to life on two back to back 55” HD screens. Four powerful bass shakers embedded in the floor in conjunction with surround sound and subwoofers lets players experience all the explosive action.

The brand-new dual pistol controllers are the next stage in-game controller technology. This new hardware synergies perfectly with game software. Players can use a single trigger to fire a high accuracy shot or hold down both triggers for dual-wield burst damage to take down many enemies quickly.

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 157″
Depth 93″
Height 112″

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