OptConnect OC-4100

The OC-4100 is a wireless 4G LTE Category 1 modem that was designed for lower data consuming devices like ATMS, commercial laundry equipment, some kiosks, payment systems, and more.


  • Verizon

  • AT&T

  • Dual Ethernet Port

  • High-Speed Connectivity

  • Plug & Play

Dimensions: 4.3″ W x 3.7″ D x 1″ H

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 4.3″
Depth 3.7″
Height 1″

Benefits of the OC-4100

This medium-speed, dual ethernet router enables customers to plug in multiple devices at once reducing the need for purchasing a separate router or switch for each device. A customer can plug in a kiosk into one ethernet port and a payment system into the other and both pieces of equipment will run efficiently.


Simple Installation

The OC-4100 router is provisioned and activated by our fulfillment experts so that when you receive the device, it is ready to plug and play with your equipment. Simply, connect the included power cord, antenna, and ethernet cable to the OC-4100 and your machine and you are almost instantly connected to the internet.

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