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OptConnect OptReboot

The OptReboot is a remote power switch that enables customers to reboot a device that is connected through one of our wireless routers with a simple click of a button from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. This powerful device reduces expensive truck rolls saving time and money.

Reboot Anytime, Anywhere

OptReboot is powered by OptConnect Summit, our robust cloud-based monitoring system, allowing access and control from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Rebooting the machine is a simple click of the software’s “OptReboot” button.

Quick Installation

Installation couldn’t be easier and is completed in a matter of minutes. Connect the machine’s power cord and the OptConnect wireless router’s ethernet cable to the OptReboot. That’s all there is to it.

Cost-Effective Solution

OptReboot service was designed to be an affordable solution for all operators, regardless of portfolio size. Simply purchase the OptReboot device for $99 and there are no monthly recurring fees.

  • Reboot from any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer

  • Designed to Pair With any OptConnect Router
  • Save Money by Reducing Expensive Truck Rolls



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