ICE Hoop It Up

Players launch the ball through the moving hoop to win the “swinging bonus.” It’s a one-shot, fun-filled fling soaring five-plus feet in the air that tops in the industry! After the player launches the ball, the bottom award wheel begins to spin. LED neopixel lights move up the sides of the cabinet following every thrilling launch as players focus on the swinging hoop featuring a DOT matrix display.

Looking to add a merchandising component to your Hoop It Up?  A “Win-A-Ball” variation of Hoop It Up is also available where players win a dispensed ball versus bonus tickets when their ball lands in the Mega Bonus Hole.


  • DOT Matrix Display

  • LED Neopixel Launch Pattern

  • Optional Win-A-Ball Dispenser

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 39″ 49″
Depth 99″ 96″
Height 105″ 78″
Weight 584 lbs 584 lbs
Power Consumption 110V @3.00 AMPS

220V @2.00 AMPS

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