ICE Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a highly interactive, ball toss game using the nuances of the iconic dodgeball theme. Players skillfully aim at random pop out targets, as well as station holes, throughout gameplay to score points. This is all done using our decade-long, proven scoring system. Points are translated into tickets during gameplay.

Dodgeball consists of 21 different targets that are distributed at different times. The faster you hit the targets, the more points you get. From bonus rounds to score multipliers and to speed rounds, this game really is all about strategy. This is a game that everyone loves playing in school with friends. We have created a concept where you can now practice Dodgeball alone or have the option to play with other people. This game is built to adjust to the players pace and timing.


  • Group play

  • Great for all ages

  • Family game

  • Wide enough for up to 4 players

  • The game presentation on location really makes the game stand out.

Specifications Dodgeball Deluxe Dodgeball Standard
Width 141.48″ 133″
Depth 123.91″ 101″
Height 132.81″ 114″
Weight 2400 lbs 2400 lbs
Power Consumption 110V @ 8.00 AMPS / 220V @ 4.00 AMPS 110V @ 8.00 AMPS / 220V @ 4.00 AMPS

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