HOTLOGIC® Breakroom 8 – Food Warming Appliance

Ideal for breakrooms and larger offices, this model has 8 shelves.

Using patented SmartShelf™ Technology, HOTLOGIC® Appliances cook or heat meals slowly and evenly, preserving the moisture and flavor of the food. Then it holds each meal at a hot, serving-safe temperature for hours. This revolutionary appliance will save you time and money as it uses less energy than a microwave to heat or cook. It’s also more sanitary than a microwave because meals are cooked in a sealed container and the slow, even, heating eliminates splatter and exploding food.


  • Fully Automatic: No dials, buttons, or guessing at cook times. Simply load your meal on an empty SmartShelf and go about your day

  • No Waiting in Line: SmartShelf technology precisely heats and holds up to eight meals with no odor or cross-flavor contamination so you can enjoy a hot meal of your choice at a time that fits your schedule. Simply retrieve your meal and enjoy

  • Better Tasting Meals: Meals are gently and evenly heated in a fashion the preserves the moisture and enhances and locks in flavors

  • Compact Energy Efficient Design: Each SmartShelf uses only the energy required to heat meals to the perfect serving temperature. Compact design allows stacking of up to 3 units and all three units can operate on a single 120V, 20 amp outlet

  • User Friendly: Use any flat bottom, sealed lid container, glass, metal, plastic, or paperboard

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 22.75″
Depth 11.46″
Height 15″
Weight 48 lbs
Power Consumption 560 watts 120VAC

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