Bay Tek Entertainment Prize Hub Module

Prize Hub is the newest innovation– designed and built in the USA– to create game rooms where there have never been game rooms before! This self-contained prize center introduces a sleek, modern approach to the redemption market. The Modular Prize Hub offers flexibility in prize variety and capacity. Expand its potential even more by adding up to two each of the Capsule, Spindle and Locker Hubs! Players use the intuitive 22” touch-screen to shop and claim prizes while operators benefit from the user-friendly menus.


 Specifications Shipping Dimensions
1/2 2/2
Width 60″ 48″
Height 86″ 86″
Depth 40″ 40″
Weight 840 lbs 680 lbs


Specifications Main Hub Capsule Hub Spindle Hub Locker Hub Full Monty
Width 19.5″ 34″ 23″ 17.5″ 94.5″
Height 78.75″ 78.75″ 78.75″ 78.75″ 78.75″
Depth 33.5″ 33.5″ 33.5″ 33.5″ 33.5″

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