Valley-Dynamo Valley Panther ZD-X-Black Cat – AVS Companies

Valley’s flagship Panther ZD-X electronic table adds versatile and friendly programmable features to the attractive looks of the Panther ZD-11. The upgraded battery, charger and bill acceptor bring longer life, faster charges and improved reliability. Our software incorporates a one-touch battery test feature, an industry-leading League Dues management software, expanded accounting options, and even more Happy Hour, time play and bonus pricing choices. The 5-bolt dual density cushions, Valley Ultra cloth and the perfectly-balanced Saluc ball are all designed to improve play ability and profitability.


  • Large pockets ideal for faster play and better ROI

  • Fully self-contained MEI $1-$20 bill acceptor for increased profits, card reader ready available

  • Programmable Software for automatic price changes during peak verse off-peak times

  • Five bolt cushion rail system with dual density rubber for consistent play

Specifications Location Dimensions  Shipping Dimensions
Width 53″ 30″
Height 32″ 68″
Length 93″ 96″
Weight 710 lbs 760 lbs

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