• 4 optional gum & mint tray with both large roll and pack gum helixes

  • New rigid cabinet & door construction uses galvanized steel and includes a durable powder coat finish for superior protection

  • New optional LED lighting enhances product presentation, reduces service calls for bulb changes and reduces energy consumption by up to 73%

  • New rigid delivery box accommodates taller product and includes a removable bottom for easy cleaning

NOTE: Selections, capacities and weight vary depending on model and configuration.
Std. Selections 28 Standard; Configurable up to 53 items
Std. Capacity 375 Items (176 Snack / 159 Candy / 40 Pastry)
Pricing Individual from $0 to $655.35
Payment Systems All industry standard MDB compatible devices
Communication Protocols DEX/UCS
Std. Features GVC2 Controller with Scrolling VF Display, LED Lighting, iVend® Delivery Sensor System, Back Lighted Braille Keypad, Gum & Mint Helixes
Options Interface Styling Panel, iCart Touch screen Interface, inDEX Tool, Automatic Delivery Box, Dual Helix, Additional Gum & Mint Tray, Custom Graphics, Front Kick Panel
Height 72″ (183 cm)
Width 35-5/32″ (89 cm)
Depth 34-1/4″ (87 cm)
Shipping Weight *519 lbs. (235.4 kg) *Varies with tray configuration
Electrical Services 115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 Amps (230 VAC/50Hz, 0.6 Amps)