UNIS Work Zone

Video game + Crane Machine…2-IN-1!

Work Zone” is a thrilling 2-in-1 experience that combines the excitement of a video game with the classic fun of a crane machine. Kids can dive into an adventure where they collect building blocks to construct a house, all while having the chance to win instant prizes with the crane. It’s a world of amusement and skill, designed to bring joy to everyone.


  • 42” monitor

  • Steering wheel and lever control

  • Collect building blocks to build a house; avoid obstacles

  • Crane activates at the end of the game

  • Perfect for candies and small prizes

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 46.5″ 43.5″
Depth 66″ 71″
Height 84″ 71″
Weight 485 lbs 618 lbs

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