UNIS Toy Box

Introducing the Toy Box Series

Toy Box revitalizes the world of cranes with a range of vivid offerings designed to elevate your space and create a dynamic atmosphere that captivates your customers.

Toy Box comes in a variety of setups, including 1 player2 players4 players, and an LCD version. You have the flexibility to put together as many machines as your space requires, rearrange them, and configure them however you like! Toy Box ensures the ideal solution tailored to your needs.

Customizable LED Lighting

Enhance the visual appeal of your location with Toy Box’s stunning LED lights. Operators can effortlessly change and set the lighting to match the ambiance of the location or to create a new one for a fresh look.Choose from an array of vibrant colors. Customize each machine with its unique color to craft a rainbow-inspired aesthetic, or opt for a uniform look by synchronizing them with the same color.

Claw Customization

The Toy Box is engineered with flexibility in mind. Operators can effortlessly switch out the claws to accommodate a wide range of toy sizes, guaranteeing that your crane machine remains incredibly versatile!


  • Claws are changeable to accommodate a wide range of toy sizes

  • Customizable LED Lighting

  • LED Lights available in: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and more

  • Also available in 2 Player, 4 Player, LCD and XL Options

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 31.5″ 44″
Depth 38″ 34.5″
Height 89″ 88.5″
Weight 353 lbs 397 lbs

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