UNIS Emoji Party

Pushing Fun To The Max!

Emoji Party is a dynamic and fun prize pusher designed for kids! Press a button, release a ball onto the rotating bridge, and aim for one of three exciting prize. Win prizes by dropping balls into x1, x2, and x3 slots. Emoji Party is perfect for the whole family, offering a wide range of prizes and two player stations per cabinet. Get ready to redefine fun with Emoji Party!


  • 1-2 player emoji® prize pusher

  • Win fun emoji-themed prizes/candies

  • Try to win the Mystery Box for bigger prizes

  • Drop balls onto a rotating bridge

  • Aim for different value slots to load the playfield with prizes

  • Push prizes into the prize chute below to win

  • Attractive lights, vibrant cabinet

  • Simple gameplay; one-button control

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 66″ 60″
Depth 34″ 45″
Height 89″ 79″
Weight 750 lbs 999 lbs

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