Touch Magix Pudgy Penguins

Start your collection with this claw-some adventure from TouchMagix featuring the beloved collectible characters – Pudgy Penguins. Introducing Pudgy Penguins Crane, a thrilling and engaging crane game that brings the adorable Pudgy Penguins to life. With its unique and attractive design, this crane game invites players of all ages to test their skill and luck as they aim to capture rare plush characters from the world of Pudgy Penguins. Whether you’re a seasoned crane game pro or a first-time player, the Pudgy Penguins Crane promises hours of fun and excitement as you try to scoop up these charming collectibles. Don’t miss your chance to join the Pudgy Penguins craze and win big with this delightful and entertaining arcade game!


  • Brand new claw game

  • Specific penguin merchandise packages available from Touch Magix

  • Attention-grabbing graphics that are perfect for all ages

  • Simple and easy gameplay experience

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