The Really Big Crane Company The Really Big Machine

Give your customers a chance to take home BIG prizes with The Really Big Machine. This game opens the door to lots of prize options. With The Really Big Machine’s tiered design, you can entice customers to go for the gold, while you rake in the silver.

It’s simple to set up, easy to service and lets you customize the price per play.


  • All digital programming

  • Claw strength and transport voltage adjustable

  • 3 separate areas for prize value adjustments on play field

  • Vibrant LED lighting

  • Split cabinet design to fit through standard doors

  • Large storage compartments for product

  • All plywood cabinet

  • Huge Size, Huge Earnings

  • Designed with he Operator in mind

  • 3 Distinct cost areas

  • Small Play-field

  • Large storage areas for plush

  • Huge claw

 Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (2 cartons)
Width 65″ 65.5″ (ea.)
Height 95.5″ 95.5″ (ea.)
Depth 65″ 30″ (ea.)
Weight 507 lbs 342 lbs (ea.)

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