The Really Big Crane Company Find a Key Claw Machine

Find a Key is a claw machine from The Really Big Crane Company that features attractive LED lighting and an all metal design to ensure ultimate durability. This crane machine game features built in prize doors and customizable claw strength to meet the requirements of your gamers. This crane machine boasts an optional mode for facility operators to run as a winner every time. This claw machine by The Really Big Crane Company features LED lights that provide an exhilarating experience for games. This crane game is easy to install and maintain in various types of facilities. The unique layout of the Find a Key crane machine provides optimal serviceability.


  • Built in prize doors with individual color matching keys

  • All metal cabinet

  • Attractive LED lighting

  • Fully programmable

  • Claw strength and transport voltage adjustable

  • High claw strength also can be optioned with LED game positioned at top of crane

  • Can be run as winner every time

  • All general illumination LED fixtures

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 23″ 22.5″
Depth 26″ 25.5″
Height 65″ 62″
Weight 242 lbs 285 lbs
Power Consumption 120-VAC Hz 60/Amp 5

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