Smart Industries Mega Prize

Smart Industries Mega Prize

Mega PrizeTM: Great Hold & Release timing game! Try to line the scissors up to cut the string. If you release the button at the right time, you’ll release the biggest prizes ever from an auto merchandiser!


  • Double Coin Comparators

  • Ticket Dispenser

  • 32inch LCD Monitor

  • Operator adjustable Playing Time and ticket settings

  • Delightful Interactive Video & Sound

  • Exciting graphics and cabinet design

  • Chasing cabinet rope lights

  • Tamper Resistant / Coat Hanger Proof Cabinet

  • Locking access door

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 34″ 39″
Height 82.6″ 80″
Depth 32″ 37″
Weight 350 lbs

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