Smart Industries Magic Coin

Magic Coin is a new twist on the classic Smart crane games. The playfield is filled with special egg-shaped containers. Each egg contains a prize so Everyone is a Winner. Some eggs may contain special RFID coins. Each RFID coin corresponds to a specific door and prize. The Smart system incorporates an RFID reader which scans the RFID coins and releases the corresponding door for the player to redeem their prize.


  • Medium Claw Assembly

  • DBA Ready

  • Credit/Timer Display (7 segment LED)

  • “Play Till You Win” (On/Off Dip Switch setting)

  • Interactive Sound System

  • High Volume capacity playfield

  • Durable Lexan front panels

  • Imonex Coin Mechanism

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 31.5″ 39″
Height 75.25″ 80″
Length 32″ 37″
Weight 350 lbs

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