Sega Amusements Jumanji

Jump into the rich fantasy world of Jumanji. A brand-new, four-player, skill-based ticket redemption game that brings the multibillion-dollar blockbuster film franchise to the amusements market for the very first time. The twelve minigames are carefully re-created based on iconic scenes from the films and feature authentic movie audio, thus making Jumanji immensely immersive, and a lot of fun.

Players take on the role as one of the film’s main characters to solve the entertaining and exciting games. To win the super ticket bonus, players must use quick-thinking and quicker reflexes to climb the Jaguar statue and save Jumanji. The gameplay is intuitive and entertaining thanks to the unique controller that switches between free-spin and ratchet-spin, depending on the game being played.

The lush jungle-themed cabinet features a dazzling screen surround, fully lit Jumanji gameboard that tracks player’s progress and the huge marquee featuring the film characters draws players to the cabinet.


  • Four Player Skill-Based Video Redemption Game

  • Featuring Film Characters

  • Unique Spinning & Button Controller

  • Lush Jungle Themed Cabinet

  • 12 Fun & Exciting Games that Demands Repeat Play

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Seat)  Shipping Dimensions (Console)
Width 91″ 47″ 32″
Depth 91″ 75″ 74″
Height 104″ 45″ 44″
Weight 992 lbs 503 lbs 992 lbs
Power Consumption Volts 220 / Amps 5 / Watts 1800

Volts 110 / Amps 10 / Watts 1800

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