Coastal Amusements Break The Plate

Break the Plate is a carnival themed game that challenges players to toss the ball at the 3 interactive monitors to break the plates. This game combines mechanics and video for a new and exciting game experience. When the player tosses the ball at the video monitor, the plate disappears on the display, and mechanical pieces of plate are instantly tossed upward, simulating the breaking of an actual plate. (There is a 2” gap between the touch screen and the video monitor) Break the Plate is built with 3 – 37” monitors, a multiple Infrared frame that reads the scoring of the balls and 9 separate compartments that toss actual plastic plate pieces upward, simulating the actual breaking of the plate.

Break the Plate can be played alone or side by side in 2 player competition mode. Each gameplay is 3 rounds. Each round is about 15 seconds of gameplay. In 2 player mode, both players first play round 1, then rounds 2, then round 3. Each round will be a different game experience. There are 8 different screens. Level one will always be the same screen (stationary) Rounds 2 and 3 will always be picked at random. The winner in competition mode will be awarded extra bonus tickets.


  • High Income Carnival Game

  • Play Alone or Compete Side-by-Side in 2 Player Mode

  • Toss the Ball at the 3 Interactive Monitors to Break the Plates

  • Watch & Listen to Real Pieces of Plate Shatter

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Main) Shipping Dimensions (Rear)
Width 45″ 48″ 48″
Depth 118″ 70″ 90″
Height 106″ 96″ 30″
Weight 720 lbs 400 lbs

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