Sega Amusements Ballzania


Ballzania, from Sega Amusements International, is a fast-action, skill-based redemption game designed for arcade, FEC, and bowling centre operators. Its attractive 2-player cabinet features crisp edge lighting and a stunning header, instantly grabbing players’ attention.

Using an intuitive pinball-style plunger, players shoot balls up the playfield, aiming for win zone holes. Timing is crucial, especially to hit the big-ticket bonus hole in the centre rotating disc. The game features various mini-games, multipliers, and players always win some tickets, thus encouraging repeat play.

Ballzania creates an exciting frenzy as balls bounce off pins, captivating both players and spectators. With its immersive gameplay and visually striking design, it’s the ultimate attraction for any venue.

Bring the mania of Ballzania to your venue and let the fun begin!


  • Fast action skill-based redemption game.

  • 2 player small footprint cabinet.

  • Eye-catching design.

  • Crisp edge lighting and header.

  • Player wins every time.

  • Exciting bonus feature.

  • 2 fun min-games; Lucky Line and Party Time.

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 60″ 57″
Depth 47″ 43″
Height 100″ 85″
Weight 772 lbs 694 lbs


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