Sega Amusements Allstars Air Hockey 2

Allstars Air Hockey is a brand-new sports game aimed at the adult, FEC and sports bar market. It aims to provide socially competitive entertainment that elegantly fits into any location. The air hockey table is designed to immerse players in a dynamic atmosphere. The entire playfield comes to life with vivid animated lighting, while the edge lighting not only adds to the visual appeal but also elevates the overall gameplay. Each exhilarating goal scored is accompanied by audio and lighting effects that not only celebrate the accomplishment but also inspire the losing player to rise to the challenge for a rematch. The table’s design pays homage to the classic ice hockey arena, reinforcing the sporty theme and creating a captivating ambience for all participants.


  • Ideal for Adult socially competitive locations and FEC’s

  • Sporty branding, for a sports bar environment

  • Stunning animated lighting playfield

  • Exhilarating goal-scoring audio and lighting effects.

  • 2 or 4 Player Game

  • Transparent Safety guards​

  • Overhead scoring Gantry​

  • Scratch-resistant playfield​

  • Durable cabinet design

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