Rocket Amusements Crazy Claw

The world’s first coin operated video CLAW machine


Player Experience

  • Three years in development

  • Original cabinet designs and custom hardware.

  • Introducing Rocket OS, a standardized settings, networking and bookkeeping system.

  • Main computer and all parts and accessories commonly available.

  • CRAZY CAW is a versatile machine with unique features that empower operators for long term earnings that can be achieved with reasonable effort and cost in locations of any type.  FECs, restaurants, supermarkets, airports and pubs.  The possibilities for operators are limitless.

Modern Cabinet Design

  • With the global success of mechanical claw games there is an instant intrigue, appeal and attraction when players see “CRAZY CLAW” for the first time. Yet earnings do not drop off.

  • It’s easy to play, entertaining and rewarding!

  • Two player game families love and play together!

  • Familiar  crane game-play, served up as an engaging 3D simulation with replay incentives impossible with a mechanical crane machine.

  • Simple scoring system, that players easily understand and trust.

  • Currently 15 different prizes groups and growing that automatically change on a rotating basis. Enable or disable the prize groups that fit your location best.

  • Engaging 3D graphics, visuals and sound effects.

Specifications Location Dimensions (1 Player) Location Dimensions (2 Player)
Width 43″ 52″
Depth 57″ 42″

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