Rilix Coaster


A cutting-edge virtual reality roller coaster simulator engineered to deliver unparalleled thrills and excitement through an immersive experience like no other. Designed with both entertainment and cost-efficiency in mind, it strikes the perfect balance between adrenaline-pumping fun and manageable maintenance costs. Featuring a robust electronic setup, state-of-the-art Metaquest goggles, and a sturdy fiberglass cabinet, the Rilix Coaster ensures a seamless ride every time. Supported by a dedicated team always on standby to
address any issues, this attraction guarantees a smooth operation and uninterrupted enjoyment for all. With its user-friendly maintenance, fully automated operation, and exhilarating rides, the Rilix Coaster is the ultimate addition to any entertainment venue. Get ready to experience the future of thrill rides like never before!


  • Achieve fast ROI with an effortless operation

  • New marquee, vibrant graphics, standout appeal

  • Rock-Solid Fiberglass Cabinet

  • Featuring a wind system, haptic vibrating seats, and premium sound to make you dive into the action

  • Mounted on wheels and weighing just 375 lbs, it is practical and easy to move

  • Featuring new hand tracking technology, you can use your virtual hands to shoot targets

  • Online support team is always ready to assist you

  • Metaquest Vr Headset
    Stunning resolution and unparalleled reliability.

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
Width 46″ 49″
Depth 72″ 28″
Height 83″ (w/ marquee 103″) 83″
Weight 352 lbs 374 lbs
Power Consumption 220v – 3.6amp, 110v – 7.23amp


Currently, Rilix Coaster offers 12 exclusive games, all developed by Rilix, featuring action, adventure, children’s themes, and more.

  • Fantasy World (Children’s)
    A delightful ride through a beautiful fantasy world.
  • Chocoland (Children’s)
    An incredible journey through a chocolate world, Easter eggs, bunnies, and lots of fun!
  • Machinery Revolution (Adventure)
    The city is under attack by robots, and your mission is to reach the hideout.
  • Shark Island (Adventure)
    An isolated island surrounded by a sea full of sharks; for safety, stay away from the water.
  • North Pole (Adventure)
    An amazing trip through Santa Claus’s land, full of adventure.
  • Diamond Cave (Action)
    An electrifying roller coaster ride through a beautiful diamond cave.
  • Alien Extinction (Action)
    Visit the secret underground laboratory with alien experiments.
  • Post-Apocalyptic (Action & Horror)
    The city is in ruins in an apocalyptic world, filled with monsters.
  • Egyptian Guardian (Action & Horror)
    Discover what lies inside the pyramids of Egypt, but beware of the terrible guardian.
  • Dinosaur Land (Adventure)
    Marvel at the dinosaurs while traveling through a thrilling and hostile environment.
  • Dragon World (Action)
    Adventure amid a city under attack by dragons. Be very careful in this dangerous adventure.
  • Waterfalls (Adventure)
    A thrilling ride through a beautiful natural landscape.

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