Raw Thrills T-Rex Safari

Go back in time to feed, pet and ride prehistoric dinosaurs in this thrilling VR adventure. Fly through the sky and soar on a Quetzalcoatlus, dive into the deep ocean to swim with a Mosasaurus, and race alongside a ravenous T-Rex in the jungle! Full motion, wind, and sound effects make you feel like you’re really there

The cabinet design is not like any other on the market. This one is EDUCATIONAL and allows operators to have options when placing it.


  • High Reliability- Armored VR Headsets & Compressed air motion platform offer highest uptime in the industry

  • Gesture-based Interactivity = Pet & Feed live dinosaurs with your own hands

  • 4 Exciting Levels- Long income for years!

  • Family Friendly & Fun Game Play- Thrilling experiences without scary or violentsituations.

  • Ability to bring experiences to all locations

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 55″
Depth 123″
Height 113″
Weight 1500 lbs

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