Raw Thrills King Kong of Skull Island™ VR

The ultimate Virtual Reality action adventure is here now – King Kong of Skull Island™ VR!

The exciting third chapter in King Kong of Skull Island™ is here and it’s the biggest and most dramatic yet! This update is completely FREE to all game owners and increases the total gameplay time for improved revenue! Head underground through the temples of Skull Island, encounter rampaging herds of Brachiosaurs, ride on the back of a soaring Pterodactyl, and witness the final volcanic battle between Kong and the two-headed Gaw!


  • Fully automated VR operation

  • 3 interactive action packed episodes which keep players coming back over and over again

  • Use your hands to naturally interact with King Kong’s world like never before

  • Ultimate VR graphics with 4K HP REVERB2 headsets, that include a 2 year warranty

  • Experience dazzling 3-D visual effects using dual HP supercomputers

Specifications Location Dimensions Shipping Dimensions (Main Cabinet) Shipping Dimensions (Pedestal) Shipping Dimensions (Misc.)
Width 49.50″ 40″ 57″ 52″
Depth 122.34″ 52″ 39″ 45″
Height 114.71″ 89.5″ 60″ 49″
Weight 811 lbs 478 lbs 405 lbs
Power Consumption 120V / 60Hz : 10A each inlet (20A total)
230V / 50Hz : 5A each inlet (10A total)

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