Raw Thrills Fast & Furious Arcade

Raw Thrills has been making amazing driving games for the last couple decades. It’s been an unending string of hits – from the original “The Fast and the Furious”, to “Drift” and “SuperCars”, and then “Cruis’n Blast”. For each new simulator, their goal is to blow away everything that came before.

Fast & Furious Arcade features THRILL-D motion, killer 5 channel audio and two 65″ UHD screen. With a sparkling LED bejeweled, comfy driving cockpit, players are guaranteed to get in on the action!


  • Dual 65″ HD Displays

  • Thrill-D Motion Platform

  • LED lighting package

  • Four Colors Available: Red, Orange, Green & Yellow

  • Improved handling

  • Linkable to 8 machines

  • 6 new tracks

  • 8 licensed Supercars

  • QR-based accounts

  • Keep track of accomplisments

Specifications Dimensions
Width 40.5″
Depth 65″
Height 81.5″
Weight 760 lbs

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