OptConnect ema™

OptConnect ema™ is a patented and fully certified 4G LTE Category 4 modem with onboard intelligence, embedded firmware, and software paired with our industry-leading suite of managed services.


  • Small form-factor

  • Robust 20 Pin Interface

  • Built in Management Microcontroller Unit (MCU)

  • USB and UART Modem Communication Paths

  • OptConnect ema™ emaLink Interface

  • Integrated TCP/IP and UDP/IP Stacks

Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 1.14″
Depth 1.33″
Height 0.42″
Weight 12 grams

The First of Its Kind

OptConnect™ is the world’s first smart embedded modem solution for M2M/loT applications. ema™ eliminates the delays, complexities, and frustrations of typical cellular deployments providing a complete connectivity solution. OptConnect ema™ includes onboard intelligence that provides all the monitoring, manageability, security, reporting, certifications and autonomous self-healing of the connection. That’s what makes ema™ different.


Easy to Implement

OptConnect’s fully managed smart embedded modem allows companies to focus on their core business strengths and outsource one of the biggest stumbling blocks for loT projects in order to get to market faster, reduce costs, and increase the success rate of their projects.

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