LAI Games Slam ‘n’ Jam Ultra Basketball

LAI Games has reinvented its classic arcade basketball hit in a brand new format.  It’s street basketball like you’ve never experienced.  The HD TV backboard explodes with dynamic graphics as players race the clock to beat their goal in up to 5 rounds of competitive action.  Modern soundtracks, play-by-play commentary, and a stylish LED cabinet make it a crowd favorite, and with its affordable price tag, Slam ‘n’ Jam hits the sweet spot for location owners.  Players can go solo, or operators can link up to 8 cabinets to play in VS mode.


  • Single-Player

  • Multi-Player

  • Ticket Dispensing

  • Universal Connector Link

  • Card System Ready

  • Coin Acceptor Ready

  • Bill Acceptor Ready

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Specifications Location Dimensions
Width 40”
Depth 105”
Height 104”
Weight 816 lbs

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