LAI Games Angry Birds Coin Crash

Angry Birds Coin Crash is built for mass appeal and creates a level of excitement that keeps players glued to the game. Players work to build their tower of coins so they can crash it over the edge for a massive ticket win. Entertaining at every turn with multiple opportunities to win tickets, the impressive tower builder mesmerizes players, and unlike other pushers that feature collectibles, Angry Birds Coin Crash is self-contained with nothing to restock. Small footprint, built for massive revenues.

Unlike other pushers that feature collectible items, it’s self-contained with nothing to restock, and that means all its earnings add to your bottom line.


  • Players attempt to build a huge tower of coins and then send it crashing over the edge for a major ticket win.

  • Coin Crash is the first coin-tower building game for arcades in the US.

  • The coin tower is built from the bottom up via a unique mechanism that deposits coins in a circle, one layer at a time.

  • When a player fills up the Tower Bonus Meter, a mini-game launches with chances to add even more coins to the tower.

  • Players have multiple ways to win tickets and add coins to the playfield, keeping the excitement high.

Specifications Location Dimensions (2-Player) Location Dimensions (3-Player) Shipping Dimensions (3 Pallets)
Width 62″ 94″ 51″(Each)
Depth 49″ 49″ 33″(Each)
Height 109″ 109″ 75″(Each)
Weight 1367 lbs 2050 lbs 700 lbs(Total)

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